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Welcome to Durham Donkey Rescue

At our organization, we are dedicated to providing a secure and loving environment for every donkey that requires our assistance.

A Rescue Space for Donkeys In Need

Do you love donkeys? We love donkeys too! That’s why here at West Edmondsley Farm in County Durham we have spent the last few years expanding what began as a time-consuming community organisation to a life changing and lifetime commitment. As of February 2023, we are proud to say we are now a registered charity: No. 1201801.
Our mission is to provide rescue space and a happy, carefree and comfortable home for donkeys in need.

We are a small rescue, offering all our donkeys the space to graze and the space to shelter, rest and play. We will be here to offer a home for any donkey that can no longer be cared for, whatever the reason.

We are dedicated to providing a safe home for any donkeys in need, whether as the result of neglect, cruelty or because their owners can no longer take care of them. One of our main aims is for all donkeys to have a home with at least one of their own kind. 

We are not a visitor centre, nor are we open to the public on a daily basis. This is mainly because it would be too stressful for the donkeys, and we don’t have the staff to be able to accommodate unplanned visits or people dropping in. But mainly  we need to put all our efforts into the daily care and welfare of the donkeys themselves.
We do however offer a range of open days and fun events where you can meet and spend time with our amazing animals. See Events for details. 

We operate with a small team of dedicated volunteers and ALL funds received go directly to the donkeys’ needs.

If you wish to rehome a donkey, please click here.

On occasion we are looking for volunteers to help support our donkeys. If you would like to help us please visit this link.

We are always looking for people to fundraise on our behalf. 

If you wish to rehome a donkey, please click here.

Durham Donkey Rescue also provide gift vouchers which you can give to your loved ones and make the ideal birthday or Christmas present. 

And if you love donkeys as much as we do, why not stay with our donkeys? We have a range of accommodation right in the fields surrounded by our donkeys!

We are grateful for your support.

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